Tax Reduction Planning

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The money you make is one thing but the money you keep is another. Start working with the right accountant and stop losing too much of your earnings to taxes. At Heyer Accounting & Tax, we're highly experienced in taxation and will create a plan to help you hold on to more of your revenues. We look at everything from last year's tax return to your business entity to identify how to reduce your tax liabilities and drive more profits toward your bottom line. Our strategies are reliable, ethical, and are highly-effective for all types of eye doctors and vision care professionals.

When you become our client, we'll use our vast knowledge of the tax code to leverage credits, deductions, and loopholes that will put more of your income where it belongs, in your pocket. We're constantly educating ourselves on revisions to the tax laws and will use the latest legislation to ensure your taxes are as low as legally possible.

Ready to start seeing lower taxes? Call us now at 786-693-9358 or request a free consultation online and we'll contact you shortly. Offices in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Tax planning services:

  • Proven tax reduction strategies
  • Legal tax loopholes and deductions
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax return preparation for eye doctors